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To be comfortable with all sections of the test, spend as much time as you need with the tutorial for each timed section.

To use the allotted time for each section wisely, familiarize yourself with how to use the computer and the types of materials, questions, and directions that are in the test. Become familiar with the formats and requirements of each section of the test as described in the tutorials.

The directions at the beginning of each section will tell you the total number of questions in the section and time allowed for the section. Read the directions carefully. They explain exactly what is required to answer each question type and can be reviewed as needed.

Read the TOEFL Test Carefully

Read each question carefully and thoroughly. Before answering a question, determine exactly what is being asked. Always read and understand all possible answers. If you do not, you may miss important information.

Answer Every Question on the Test

Pace yourself so that you have enough time to answer every question. Pay attention to the number of questions and the amount of time remaining during your testing session. Do not spend too much time on a single question.

Answer every question in each section. This will allow you to get your best possible score.

You must answer each question in the Listening and Structure sections (the computer-adaptive sections) before you can go on to the next one. If you do not know the answer to a question, eliminate any answer choices that are obviously incorrect.

TOEFL Listening and Structure

In Listening and Structure, confirm your answer only when you are certain you are ready to move on to the next question. You cannot omit questions or go back and change answers. In Reading, you will be allowed to go back and change your answers.

To prepare for the Writing section of the test, practice by using the Writing topics found in the TOEFL Information Bulletin. You will have 30 minutes to compose your assigned essay. You may either hand write your essay or type it on the computer.